A focal point of the evening is our custom-built raclette station, featuring a traditional raclette grill with a gleaming wheel of alpine cheese. Watch as our skilled chef expertly melts and scrapes the cheese onto a selection of delectable accompaniments. Guests are invited to gather around the raclette station, witnessing the mesmerizing process of the cheese melting and cascading over the carefully curated ingredients. Our chef engages with your party, offering personalized recommendations and ensuring everyone experiences the delight of creating their own raclette masterpieces.

Perfect for:

Intimate Gatherings: Host a cozy dinner party with close friends or family, creating cherished memories around the raclette table.

Winter Celebrations: Whether it’s a holiday gathering or a special occasion, the Colorado Mountain Raclette Experience adds a unique touch to your winter celebrations.

Bring the warmth and conviviality of the mountains to your home with our Colorado Mountain Raclette Experience—an immersive dining adventure that combines tradition, flavor, and alpine charm.

$85 / adult

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